About Us

Where it Began

Tony Zangoglia and Brian Lucas grew up in neighboring towns in New Jersey, where they became friends while competing in local sports. They went on to earn degrees at Clemson University and West Point before joining the U.S. Army. They were introduced to the beauty of Colorado in 2008 when they were both stationed at Fort Carson. In the years since, they pursued civilian careers with Fortune 200 companies that fueled their passion for operational excellence. They have rejoined forces as co-owners of Echo Company Constructors, using their leadership skills to help the Denver Metro Area flourish.

Meet Our Team

Our belief in people has led to the development of a highly skilled and motivated team, capable of overcoming any challenge. That team extends to many of the outside organizations that are integral in the completion of a successful project.

Brian Lucas

Co-Owner & Integrator

Brian grew up in a family of New York City dock builders, the first inspiration for his hardworking and goal-oriented leadership style. After West Point and over five years active duty service in the Army, which included a combat tour in Iraq, Brian embarked on a career in sales for Johnson & Johnson and EMC. He holds an MBA from Seton Hall University with a focus in General Management, building upon his leadership skills and practical experience. Brian has an innate ability at bringing people together to work harmoniously towards the client’s desired end state. At Sunnyside Builders, Brian promises to deliver quality, accountability, and leadership. In his free time, Brian enjoys seeking outdoor challenges and accomplishing goals whether they pertain to ultra running or bow hunting.

Tony Zangoglia

Co-Owner & Visionary

Tony has a passion for making Echo Company Constructors the best general contractor and small business in the region, which is the vehicle for enabling his employees to grow and flourish in their personal and professional lives. Tony founded the company as Sunnyside Builders in 2013, and he and Brian have grown and rebranded the business from a Denver metro multifamily builder to a regional residential, commercial and government general contractor. As a lifelong engineer, Tony has previously worked in aerospace quality assurance, the Army Corps of Engineers, and received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. In his free time, Tony enjoys traveling the world with his wife, welding, and riding motorcycles.

Carter Layne

President of Construction

Carter is a New Jersey native with 13 years’ experience leading building projects for the U.S. Army. As a Company Commander for a Combat Engineer Company and a Construction Engineer Company in the Army, Carter’s leadership, planning, and problem-solving skills are second to none. Since honorably departing the military, Carter continues to pursue his passion for building in the Denver area, specializing in core and shell and multifamily projects. Carter has a B.A. in Business Management, M.S. in Construction Management, and his Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.

Casey Kielblock

Project Manager

Casey is originally from New Jersey and moved to Colorado in 2018 to pursue his dream career in Construction Project Management. As a third-generation carpenter, he gained his construction knowledge in a first-hand capacity. In addition, he has worked as a Realtor which helped him hone his project management skills and develop a keen awareness of homebuyer needs. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Pennsylvania State University, which provides him with the tools he needs for forecasting, budgeting, and estimating.

Brandon Houseman

Project Manager

Brandon is a Michigan native and Marine Corps Officer veteran. His military experience has provided him with a diverse skillset to help him navigate and exceed the needs of the construction industry. He enjoys the complexity of construction projects, problem solving, and working with project teams to redefine how we approach the construction process. Brandon holds a master’s degree in Construction Management.

Quentin Randazzo


Quentin moved to Colorado from New Jersey in 2018 to pursue his zeal for the outdoors and to live an active lifestyle. His relentless pursuit and consistent follow up made him an easy hire for Sunnyside Builders. He has a deep passion for construction and came to Sunnyside Builders with a diverse background of construction experience. He has found his niche in being a consummate professional while working as Superintendent for Sunnyside Builders where quality and attention to detail are his focus. Quentin embodies the core values that Sunnyside Builders believes in.

James Goodenough


James recently moved to Denver from Northern Virginia. He gained a passion for construction when he flipped houses in college. Longing for more, he moved to commercial work. Since then, he has been eager to grow and learn in all aspects of construction. He found a great fit at Echo Company Constructors and is excited to be part of the team. He has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys spending time golfing, playing hockey, or backpacking with his wife Amanda.

Maxemiliano Cintora

Assistant Superintendent

Max is a student at Colorado Mesa University, pursuing his B.S. in Construction Management. He has called the Colorado Front Range home since he was seven. When he is back in Denver on a break from school, he interns with Sunnyside Builders, and is able to apply the knowledge he accumulates in the classroom, and combine it with the practical knowledge of being in the field. In his free time, Max enjoys spending time with friends, going to the gym, and snowboarding.

April Leal

Office Manager

April is a Colorado native who enjoys the outdoors, camping and fishing with her family. After 16 years in the medical field, April transitioned to join Echo Company Constructors, filling the pivotal and diverse role as the office manager. She enjoys the complexity of the construction industry and the team building and collaboration with different trade partners who drive our success.

Brooke Weber


Brooke was Echo Company Constructors’ office manager from April 2019 – April 2020. She moved back to Kansas in order to pursue her masters degree in Physical Therapy. Brooke still works with Echo Company Constructors doing book keeping, marketing, and other important tasks while working remotely.