Why Echo Company?

The United States military is the greatest organization in the world because of its systems and personnel structure. Echo Company has adopted these world-class systems and structure to build one of the best general contracting companies in the region, offering our clients a military-grade service that no one else can.

An Army Battalion contains 1,000 Soldiers who are broken down into “Companies” of 100 Soldiers, including the Army Engineers who are always the E Company or “Echo Company.”

Army Engineers are at the front of the assault formation – from clearing mines and barbed wire in WWII to clearing Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in Iraq and Afghanistan. Echo Company Soldiers are half engineer/half Soldier with a get-it-done, nothing-is-impossible mentality. Tony and Carter, Echo Company Constructors’ founder and president of construction, were both in Echo Companies during their time in the Army and bring the same tenacity and pride to Echo Company Constructors.